Shoe Shopping

United States
May 15, 2009 10:21am CST
I have been needing a new pair of sneakers for a couple of months now. My old pair was missing half of the rubber on the bottom! I hate shoe shopping and I hate spending a lot of money on shoes even more! I decided it was finally time. I had to go shopping anyway. My husband needed a couple of things. So I decided while I was there, and had a 30% off coupon!, I would check out the shoes. They had tons and tons of options for sneakers. I started walking around. I found a pair that I liked that werent too expensive. I looked for my size. They didnt have any. So I kept looking. I must have done that a couple of times before I realized that the shoe selection was terrible! They had lots of styles of shoes displayed. But there were hardly any shoes in boxes to be sold! For some of the styles displayed, there werent any sizes available! I finally started just looked for my size. I kept finding shoes that I didnt like or didnt fit. One of my few requirements was I didnt want all white sneakers. They get dirty way too fast! Who can keep them clean? But that seemed like all they had! Just before I was about to give up, I found a pair! They fit beautifully, they were on sale, and they arent white at all! I was so relieved. I am glad I wont have to do that for a long time! Do you like shoe shopping? Do you find it difficult to find the right pair of shoes? Do you think shoes are overpriced?
3 responses
@steelkhan (179)
• Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
29 May 09
most booooooring thing to shop for is shoes because you will have to search many shops for the right pair but now i have found a place where i can find many good brands in very cheap price and quality.
@fornalina (157)
• Poland
18 May 09
I love shoe shopping. I usually go just to two shops, because I know that I can find some nice ones there. I have quite and 'original' taste so it's not easy for me to find shoes that would fit me. Usually I shop shoes wit my mom and that's real hell for her 'coz it takes a whole lot of time for me to find a pair which I would like.
@russso (1700)
• Philippines
15 May 09
I find it tedious to shop for shoes because it's so hard to find the perfect pair and after shoe-shopping, I am usually really really exhausted and hungry. I only shop for shoes when I am in the mood.