I have seen UFO

May 15, 2009 1:41pm CST
Whatever i am going to tell is real and i am not making any story to draw attentions. I told my family about it and they laughed about it. But i believe in aliens and other world . And why not ? Do we think god made us only and is Earth only the living planet? If you just once think that our sun is only one star in this unending galaxy then why cannot we have another such planets . May be they are more advanced than us and they found a way to enter in our world. Ok here is my story . Once i saw a news about falling stars that was going to take place on that particular night . So i just put on my lenses and went outside to see the sky . I was just gazing at the sky to see any of the falling stars . But suddenly i saw weird thing up on the sky . It was trapezoid shaped UFO , with big and heavily loaded orange bulbs all over. And i saw it came into sight right from top . I mean it didn't came from any other direction but just straight from top and then surrounded by white fumes . It stayed there unmoved for 3 minutes in the sky then it just went up straight and disappeared . I was so amazed and excited that i can't think of anything else other than an UFO . What you guys think about it ?
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@arcidy (5016)
• United States
15 May 09
Well I doubt it was a ufo dont you think someone else would of saw it and it probally would be on the news or at least youtube. But I do beleave in other life there is no way that where the only living things in this entire universe otherwise what a waste of a universe so there has to be other life. Just doubt you saw it like I said it would of been on the news or at least on youtube.
• India
15 May 09
If you see youtube , you will get 1000 of live videos already of UFO being caught on camera . As in my case , here many people don't really care about seeing falling stars or anything like it moreover it was around 3 am where people usually get to sleep . I am sure it was something up there , surely not any human created plane or something . It didn't came very close but it was their far up in the sky . I could see it clear with strange orange lights . And it was not acting according to any normal plane movement . It just went down and stayed for 3 mins unmoved and went up again.
@ronit_mat (180)
• India
20 May 09
i do not actually know how to respond to this but i will give it a try because i have never replied to a discussion on ufo's. there have been thousands of people who have claimed to have seen such foreign objects but most of them are either liars or have mistaken something for an ufo.i am not saying you fall in this category but it must have been a great experience for you to see such a thing.i wish i get to see something unsual as this too.
@anangf (1148)
• Indonesia
17 May 09
This issue have been interested people who claimed ever contact to this thing. for myself, i like it being my consideration of my faith that there no 'human' outside our earth. But if say so, you must have very interesting experience then..
@LittleMel (14055)
• Canada
17 May 09
Not sure if it is UFO I have to see for myself to be sure but then again you could be right you saw UFO I know someone that has seen it and I believe aliens exist What I don't understand though, why they haven't introduced themselves already? They have been visiting our planet for so many years , and some said they live among us. So what are they waiting for? whatever their reason of visiting us, make friends or invade us, what is holding them back from introducing themselves publicly? Maybe they think we are not ready, but if we are going to die anyway, what's the secrecy for?