When do we know if God granted our wishes?

May 15, 2009 11:29pm CST
In my opinion I do believe in God but I don't really know if He answers my prayers and also grant my wishes. My mom told me when I was a child, that God is very wise that He knows everything best for us. So even if we wish for something, God can only grant the best for us. But I ask my mom how do we know if God grant us our wishes or not, she just told me to keep on praying....So you guys out there do you know if God answers your prayer or does He grant your wishes?
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• United States
16 May 09
When we really get in touch with God, we find that he resides within. Introspection is a very important exercise when it comes to knowing God the way he wishes to be known by us. The kingdom of God is within. That is where we need to go to find him. When we do, then we will know what to pray about and even the will of God. He is as close as our breath. In fact, He has been compared to the very breath that sustains us. When we tune in to Him, we align our thoughts to Him and he begins to give you spontaneous thoughts and vision that lead and direct us.
• Philippines
19 May 09
Hey thanks for the response their, I know that there is much love gave us and just what you've said, its true that that if we want to find Him, we can start from our self. Nice thoughts you have there...