ever touched a baby BAT!!!

May 16, 2009 3:24am CST
hey friends yesterday i was sitting in portico of my home... suddenly something fall down jst aside me from the the hole made to fix the bulb... at first i thought it was jst an bug.... but when i went near it was a very small baby bat!!! it was soo small... i touched it... i cant touch it fully since it is so small, its bones made me to touch only a small.... it is soo soft to touch with... then i gave some water to it by keeping in my hand.... then i kept near the compound wall... next day morning it was missing.. i think it might have been taken by some big bat!!! this is the first time for me to see and touch a bat that too a baby bat!!!! i liked to share this with u all that i did..... waiting for ur response....bye friends.....
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