Bacheloret Party

United States
May 16, 2009 3:30am CST
So my best friends bacheloret party is tomorrow. I feel stupid. I was married for 6 years and I've been divorced now for 3. I was married when I was 16. I know it's weird but trust me I was better off in the long run getting out of my house asap. I have no children and I'm 25 now. I feel like time is running out for me. I don't do well around new people. In fact I hate meeting new people. Not that I'm shy I guess I just don't think people understand me. In fact I think guys think I'm gay.:( I like video games and computers, t shirts and jeans. But I do dress up on special occasions! come on~! What should I do to catch a guy?
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• United States
17 May 09
batakitten would you stop..LOL if guys think your gay then they probably think a lot of girl gamers are gay too. GAy is who you love, a look is basically stereotypical. anyone can look any kind of way. i had a female friend who did everything as you and would always get attention at parties and get togethers because she was always dressed down and then she dressed better and she showed her curves when she went out. men would go crazy.. your into those things because your smart? aren't you? maybe some guys are intimidated by you? its not always a clear reason why we all think how we think.. there is nothing wrong with you, don't be so much into the deep thinking of those W's at the Bach party. you still want to be with someone right? your still a woman right? then you will have fun being around your friends and getting aroused.. what do you think us men do at the strip clubs and bachelor parties. we bond and have fun around female dancers and exotic entertainers. you don't need anything special except a clear head and a willingness to have fun and let go for a day.. its ok to feel uneasy around new people. it happens to all of us. stay around the people your closest to and meet the new people in your own comfort zone. you maybe right about people not understanding you but thats the challenge we are faced with when we are different. face it, your not typical! you should ignore your anxieties about the day and try to enjoy it. don't you deserve to get out and have fun. you can maybe meet someone and just get some coffee or talk about whatever.. let some things go because holding on to things will make it intensify. you wanna get a guys attention.. what makes us men, like women that are cool like you? be yourself! don't talk too much about your divorce or your ex. thats a turn off. talk about what you like, talk about your passions.. don't get too drunk and try to be calm and stay focused on what you wanna do and some dude will notice you. you can get our attention by being noticed with your glow but you won't have to say much. talk about your jOb but don't be selfish.. if an opportunity comes up to speak about a favorite video game of yours then do speak on it. but in a playful way.. find someone who has similar interest. there you go, hope this helps.