Do you think that aliens or intelligent life exist on other planets?

United States
May 16, 2009 3:58am CST
Many people believe that Earth is visited by extra terrestrial beings or aliens. Do you believe aliens exist? Do you think we're being visited? Have you ever seen a UFO?
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• India
16 May 09
i feel they do exist. but to call them alines is to demean them. probably they are like us. human life on earth must have happened through them. there is a possibility that many of them are visiting us regularly to check how we are living and making progress. also our earth is not the only one where life existed or exists, there are billions of planetary systems where life exist. some more intelligent and capable than us and some as stupid as we are.
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• United States
16 May 09
I don't think it is neccessarily demeaning to use the term alien. The meaning of the word in the dictionary says- not from this world, not native, extra terrestrial, inconsistent with common experience. Alien seems to fit pretty well.
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• Lithuania
18 May 09
I believe extra terrestrial life exists, but I think that it is highly unlikely that they ever visited earth.