really not understanding this site

May 16, 2009 5:34am CST
OK so.. I was only on here for less then a week. So far I have lost half of my discussions (for no reason) and this morning my money that I had made yesterday is gone, the very little bit I had. I had .22 and now I have .18 ... All yesterday I was writing very long meaningful questions and answers. I just don't get it. I was really getting into this site but I don't know if I will keep on it if things like this keep happening. Can someone give me answers?
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• Greece
16 May 09
hi! i was one like you before.but now that ive spent some time on my lot i know now why.Maybe youre posts were one which is prohibited here on this site.look for the frequently asked question and be aware of the donts and such you will see that this site really works too.happy mylotting!
• Canada
16 May 09
But I still don't understand. I didn't swear or put anyone down. I always kept with the topic, if not I would have started a general discussion. I just don't understand. And I thought that when you made your money, it was yours. I didn't think they could take it away. I should do some research on this site, read up on a lot of things. Maybe there is something that I am doing that I didn't even realize I was wrong.