A few poems...

United States
May 16, 2009 7:59am CST
Okay, I'd like to share a few poems that I wrote for my babies. And then, if anyone wants to discuss their children or share anything... all the much better. Or if anyone wants to just give their opinion on a poem or the poems themselves.. how poorly or not poorly their written. How they sound. Anything... Here they are... (poem 1)MOMMY'S BABY He's mommy's baby boy He's mommy's little guy He's mommy's whole world He's mommy's whole life. He's everything to her The greatest love she's ever felt His smile makes her cry His eyes make her heart melt. His hugs pull her through Each late night His kiss is like an angel's Mommy's taking flight. There's nothing in this world That could make her more happy He's mommy's little boy He's mommy's baby. (poem 2)ONE FOR MY BABIES I love you More than anything All the happiness And all the joy you bring. All the smiles And every single tear Being with you day after day And the thought of each coming year. You are my baby boy You are my guy You're everything to me And here is why... From the days you were inside me Closest to my heart To the day you came into this world And they placed you in my arms. Watching you grow up Watching you grow tall It never seizes to amaze me This is the best experience of all. Every time I look into your eyes I want to stand up high and shout Tell everyone that's listening.. This right here... this is what life is all about. (poem 3)FOR MY SONS You are my angel You're my heart's core The one that I will always adore. You are my world Within my mind To your faults I can't help but be blind. You are my weakness You are my strength You've helped me through a great length. You are my love You are my soul The one that I could never let go. You are my life In it's entirety Spoken with sincerity. You are my baby My number one And first and foremost... forever... you are my son.
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