No more room in my gmail!

May 16, 2009 1:30pm CST
I've almost no room left in my gmail account, even though google states that can't happen and that you never need to delete any of your messages... Does anyone have this same problem? I don't want to delete my mails, what to do?
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@Jafo36 (24)
• Brazil
18 May 09
Well if your emails are so mind and you do not exclude the best thing to do is copy a CD or floppy pair or even save to a folder that is easy for you to find it.
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• Netherlands
18 May 09
Is there an easy way to save all your e-mail in one go?
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@Amorti (201)
• Turkey
16 May 09
How did you manage to do that? This is the very first time i am hearing it, never thought that was possible.
• Netherlands
16 May 09
Believe me, it is possible... I get a buttload of mail each day and that counts up over three years. :)
@oudine2 (147)
• Argentina
14 Jun 09
I think it´s only possible with lots of attachments in the mails. I only have like 30% of my data used. I read and delete mails everyday, I only keep mails that I want to keep.
@raakhee (54)
• Qatar
3 Jun 09 does happen.esp if you are a regular in the forward message list or if u're so popular that ppl keep sending u messages everyday just for the heck of it....i went thru that sometime late in 2007.then i started another email id and had all my new mail automatically forwarded to that id and auto-delete it from the inbox of my original id.that way,i could maintain both ids.and my reply-to address is the same as my old i didn't have to bother to inform all my friends that i'm having another id.