Is the course Nursing in demand in your country?

@Azaerus (821)
May 16, 2009 4:10pm CST
Here in our country,Philippines,people are going gaga to enroll under the course of Nursing...some of these students don't even like this course but because their psrents say so they go ahead anyways...even doctors here study nursing just so they can work and earn money faster in other countries like US or Saudi... After they graduate from this course,almost 70% of them are all the studying they made are just wasted..I know alot who graduated from that course who's still stuck with their low paying job,like for example working in the mall as a Sales clerk or so..their course ain't even related to the job they have.. They spent thousand of bucks to study and have good education just to end up with these kinds of jobs..funny but it's the truth..that's whats usually the case here in our country.. So really,is it also like this in your country?
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@HelloMickey (1663)
• Hong Kong
18 May 09
Why people in Philippines would like to enroll under the course of Nursing if they are not likely to find a job related to this course? If they can't earn for a living, why still study is in the first place? They are not interested in this subject and they can't earn much, as the returns are not guaranteed, but why? In my place, it is very tense to get a job as a nurse, the wage is very awesome if you work in hosiptals. And some of the graduates can't get a job as nurses, not very large number of people would enroll under the Nursing course, but I think people enroll under this course do basically dream to be a nurse, and choose to enroll under it.
@Azaerus (821)
• Philippines
22 May 09
Here in our country most people believe that if you'll be a nurse some day you'll have a good life in the future..that's their only reason why they get this course...i really don't get these kind of people with such reason..they don't actually think's like they don't care whether there'll be a job for them after they graduate with this course..yikes!!