cinnamon fragrance ..... vanilla ........ honey!

@foisgras (205)
May 17, 2009 1:06am CST
Dear MyLot Friends, RISE & SHINE! Sunday morning and a good french toast shall be today's first bite! MMMMMMMMMM I could smell it! Yep, I am dreaming? Nep, I just woke up! But why can I smell it? Hello? Anybody home? Nope! Oh, I will just take a quick shower and I am heading to my kitchen. Guess what? FRENCH TOAST! A very good sunny Sunday to you all ........ What are you having for breakfast today?
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@kelpie (191)
• United States
29 May 09
I usually eat a sandwhich for breakfast. But here lately, I have been craving WAFFLES. The stuff that kills me most! Waffles with butter and sweet, sweet maple syrup. But my god that sounds good. I enjoy GOOOOOD french toast! I hope you enjoyed yours that day!
@foisgras (205)
• Sweden
28 Jun 09
Kelpie, Sometimes I crave this kind of breakfast and it feels so good when you are able to smell the food you want to eat before it is serve. Right? Thanks for your reply.