Associated Content Magic

Hong Kong
May 17, 2009 11:44am CST
Have anyone posted in Associated Content? I have been posting in AC with my friend's account since last year (helping her uploading her own written stories). I found AC is a wonderful source of revenue for whom enjoy writings! Because AC is somehow is a well recognized content network, i think google does paid a decent rate to them (while usual adsense users may only get 20%, a premium adsense users account may get up to 60% share as i heard) thus AC does able to afford on $1 per CPM of your articles or even raised to $2 per cpm if you are contributed enough! I would like to let myloters know about AC as this is truely great! There is no any referral program or bonuses for promoting it, so i do recommends it sincerely! P.S. i just made a $37.11 over there for this May, and promoted to rank 6 within 3 days, that's what makes me write this articles thanks for their generous! People check my profile for references and message me if you want some tips to earn more in AC!
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