Is there a maximum to how much you can make on mylot

November 11, 2006 8:54pm CST
are there daily or monthly limits? does anyone know?
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@casper20 (1465)
• India
12 Nov 06
there is no limit for how much you can make out of mylot but there is a limit for how much you can make,depending upon how much time you can spend infront of the internet.
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
17 Nov 06
Well the Pay out at a time limit is 100 dollars. But from what I understand there is not a limit. However, You may want to check from your local laws, to see how much you are allowed to legally earn without being a business, or being paid with am employer. I know I can earn 200 dollars a month for my ministry without incorporating into a business... So I just limit all my earnings everywhere to 200 dollars a month to be safe... and printing out your earnings, from your MyLot, or Cafepress or anywhere else is good to do and keep on record, as well as saving copies or your paypal transactions etc. This way if it is questioned about where you are recieving the money from. You have proof as to who is paying you. It's always good to keep that written down, Not only so you accurately know how much you have, but if someone steals from you or something, you have proof that you had the money in the first place, Take care - DNatureofDTrain