create your own dish.what will it be?

@pratik87 (1928)
May 17, 2009 9:46pm CST
For all those "wanna be" chefs, this is the chance to show what you've got. If you are given the chance to create your own dish? What would that be? What are the ingredients as well as preparation involved? Most of all, what would you like to name it?
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@oldchem1 (8144)
14 Jun 10
Now this is an interesting discussion and yet it is one that after a whole year still has only one response!! I am sure that all you budding cooks/chefs out there must have some wonderful dish that could be your 'signature dish'. I am going to make an adaption of a typical English fish pie, but it is going to be based on the area where I live and it is going to be called GLASSON SMOKEHOUSE FISH PIE My fish pie will have in it fresh cod, smoked haddock and smoked prawns (from our local smoke house ) The cooked fish will be in a creamy white sauce seasoned with fish stock and will have sweetcorn and peas in. The pie will be topped with creamy mashed potatoes that is sprinkled with strong Lancashire cheese and then baked until the top is golden and bubbly. And now I am VERY hungry!! So come on what is your dish going to be??
@ellie333 (21029)
14 Jun 10
Making me hungry too, one of my favourite dishes too :)
@oldchem1 (8144)
15 Jun 10
We are very lucky to have a fantastic smoke house in the village where the locally caught fish is smoked
@fasyahime (634)
• Malaysia
18 May 09
i will name my dish as futuchesa!this dish consist of spicy sauce seafood,melted cheese and fettuccine!i will boil the fettuccine with salted water,drain and put aside!cook the seafood with garlic,onion,grilled chili and bit of sour water!while the seafood still hot,mix it fast with fettuccine and sprinkle with lot's of grated cheese!viola!finisto!haha!