clean house

@bdugas (3582)
United States
May 18, 2009 4:28am CST
Do any of you watch the show CLEAN HOUSE, where the four of them go to someone house and it is a pigpen, and they get them to give them stuff for a yard sale then they clean up the house and redo it and make it all clean again. Do you know what show I am talking about. What I would like to know is how people's homes got into that mess to begin with. Seems the parents are as bad as the kids, they have stuff piled up everywhere and the floor is covered with stuff that you have to walk on it, to get through, some can't even watch tv for the clutter. Do these people really have friends over to see such a mess, I would be so embrassed for anyone to see that my house looked like that, there is no reason for it. I hear the parents say that they get no help from the kids, well who allowed the kids to live this way to begin with. What do you think of this show and the conditions that these people live in.
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@slickcut (8141)
• United States
18 May 09
I know which show you are talking about, i have watched it many times..I do not understand how anyone could be that filhty...I mean i was shocked to see how dirty ones home can be, and could not for the life of me understand how they could even sleep in their beds at night..One person actually had roaches crawling around their bed, which by the way was a mattress on the floor..It grossed me out...