Who loves you or who don't?

May 18, 2009 4:28am CST
Yes friend, do you know, who loves you? And Who don't love you? It is not very easy way to know, who loves you or who don't. So, May be you are thinking, how it possible? It is possible as like as_ When you see, any person like you with her/him heart & soul, of course he/she loves you. OR If anybody loves you with her/him lips, you can think he/she loves you only for him/her selfishness. So this makes it easy? Doesn't it?
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@msBetty (84)
• Philippines
21 May 09
Well, i once tried to find out who loves me more that the other. Turns out, I let go of them both. I said to myself that the one who'll stay, and fights to have me back, and really insist of having him in my life-- will be the one. Its a tough decision... Sometime, i have been thinking of "what could have been" if i have choose the other person. Just to find out that he's really sorry for letting me go... He just felt that I dont want him in my life anymore... Hmmnnn.. talking about taking chances...
@med889 (5958)
18 May 09
I know my family love me and my boyfriend too, I can say the same to my close friends. But I am here to do my duties if I have to be loved honestly by someone then it is okay but I will never be doing something wrong to be loved by people, this is for sure. And at work then I am here to do my works and not to be loved or to love someone, here in the offices in Britain it is better to do not love someone.