does it break the tos of mylot if we mention our blog while responding to a disc

May 18, 2009 6:00am CST
I saw it many times that when a mylotter ask for some sites,other mylotters ask to check their profiles to see their blogs.can't we mention our blog while just answering the discussion instead of asking to see at the profile page?
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• Philippines
18 May 09
mylot rules - always read them
If you have read the mylot faq, then you shouldn't be asking this question. it's actually located on the mylot don'ts rule. the reason for this is to prevent the encouragement of spammers, those people who would ask for websites are just advising them to check their banners instead. you should read the faq every ones on a while.
@iskayz (5422)
• Philippines
18 May 09
Yes fellow lotter, it breaks the TOS. We can't put url links on our posts. If so, your post with the link will be deleted and you lose earnings. The same goes with those who responds to your posts. Hope that helps. Ciao!