Do you love the ending of Prison Break?

May 18, 2009 10:28am CST
Finally and eventually, I have finished my tour of Prison Break. Everyone gets what he or she deserves. Michael's son is so cute, Lincoln is happy with Sofia, Mahone gets his new love, etc. General,Bagwell all get what they deserve. But i only feel pity for Michael, he deserves happy life,he's keep making miracle all his life, but at last, he lost himself. If you are the director, what's your ideal ending?
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• China
19 May 09
well.i think it natural for us to feel pity for the ending,because we have been loking for the happy ending from the day we began to watch prison break,for the first time i was moved to tears ,and i think it is for this reason that the director design such sad ending ,it enable us to keep the prisonbreak in our mind forever bacause it gives us such a impressive ending ,fortunately ,they have done it
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• China
19 May 09
Wow, i understand. I finally figure out the real meaing of the prison break, thank you for your response.
@ruilong (158)
• China
18 May 09
Hi,Janet.Actually,I don't like the ending.It's too hurried.It seems that something isn't showed clearly and reasonably.
• China
19 May 09
Yeah, i also have the same feeling with you.
@buitzh (76)
• Philippines
22 Jun 09
Well.. its the same ending as episode 22. it maybe sad that michael had to go. but the series is not meant for a happy ending. it has been and always an epic journey to one's character. michael's journey to new life is quite directive to each character, because at the final scene, they gather together in his grave and reunited with one another. michael's legacy was not only to free all of them including himself but to bring each one of them to peace. a real peace of what michael got into. the episode shows michael's destiny after four years and yea... it showed quite a spin that they all have a better life, peacefully and orderly. its a good ending. sad but very good. prison break is one of the best and finest masterpiece on television series ever made. thank you prison break.
@ntctyhhz (25)
• China
18 Jun 09
didn't Michale see his son!?i am sorry ,i haven't finish it but in my mind ,after everything Michale did and went through I hope he can get what he want--justice peaceful life at least staying with his son,
• Morocco
12 Jun 09
For me the ending is okay
• China
25 May 09
i think it's so bad from season3 to 4 ,i liked it very much at first,but now,i didn't watch it for a long time . i heard the ending from someone ,and i almost laugh out,it isn't prison break which is excellent ,it's bored .
@jotace (2094)
• Spain
20 May 09
Yes, I like the final episodes but I would like that the series continue for more seasons. Anyway, I've heard that there are 2 extra episodes ('The Old Ball and Chain' and 'Free'). They will be released directly to dvd.
• Malaysia
18 May 09
for me the ending is okay even there was like express plot in last episode