May 18, 2009 12:41pm CST
Fate, destiny,serendipity, whatever you choose to call it, do you believe in it? Do you believe that a cosmic force bigger than we can all imagine controls what happens to us? How much control do we really have over our own destiny? We can control what we do But we cant control what others do. What do you think?
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@sblossom (2169)
18 May 09
i think we can't control what others do, sometimes we also can't control what we do. Sometime our decisions are not from our own wills. Many things affect what kind of life we want and what kind of person we want to be. Fate or destiny, I suppose, is really exist. But ordinary people can't organize it. To me I think I can't know it. So I ignore it and continue to do what I'm doing. The fate will come out by itself.
18 May 09
thats true, it will.
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