Tall folks top pay ladder,how do you like it?

May 19, 2009 12:12am CST
Tall people earn higher wages thean their vertically challenged counterparts,while being obese does not mean a slimmed-down pay packet,according to a new studeay in Australia. The researchers found a strong link between wages and height,particularly for men,with each additional 10cm of height adding 3% to hourly wages.The height premium was 2% per 10cm for women.
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@HADDOWZ (1481)
22 May 10
I guess Danny De Vito bucks the trend on this research. If you look hard enough and ask enough questions you can find links in almost every aspect of life. It's alot like reading a horoscope, you can always read something into it's meaning that suits you, even when there is no actual facts there.
@thyst07 (2091)
• United States
19 May 09
That's very interesting. I had never thought about whether there might be a pay difference between taller people and shorter people. I know that in some workplaces it can be really useful to have a tall person around (like any kind of construction/remodeling trade). But in other fields, like business, a person's height has nothing to do with how well they can perform the job. I wonder if tall people get paid more because they are perceived as being more powerful or attractive than shorter people? I also wonder if there's a point where this caps out, especially for women. If a woman is too tall, I would suspect that people would see her as unfeminine or threatening and maybe pay her less. As for the info on obesity, I'm not sure if that same study would apply in the United States. I'm pretty sure that studies here have shown that fat people do actually get paid less, and they also have a harder time finding a job in the first place. The US is super-obsessed with thinness, though, and other countries may not be.