Motorcycle or Cars?

United States
May 19, 2009 7:23am CST
Which do you prefer motorcycles, or cars? I would prefer cars, because although they are expensive, they provide much better protection... A motorcycle cost way less, but, like my friend always says about motorcycles, he says, I call 'em donorcycles, because you knkow the danger and risk of dying... SO which do you rather prefer motorcycle or a car?
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@Amorti (201)
• Turkey
22 May 09
Definitely motorcycles.. You can not have that great pleasing feeling in you while driving a car. You do not get stuck in traffic with bikes, you can park them anywhere as well. Oh and bikes are quite expensive; there are many bikes that are more expensive than cars, i hope you do not mean mopeds. There is a risk of dying in every vehicle you are in, so there is no snese in accusing bikes as donorcycles.
@patialvi (715)
• India
22 May 09
protection is in the hand of the GOD not with the manufacturers of anything. hope you remember lady diana....the car she was travelling is the best car in the world and still that didn't work to save her. I believe that both the things are required. We have places where cars can not reach but motorcycles can easily. So both are required now a day...
@flagella08 (5069)
• Philippines
19 May 09
it's risky wherever we are. we just need extra care and prayers. we can have accidents anywhere. well, i'd prefer both. when i don't have things to bring, i'd rather use the motorcycle. the use of a bigger vehicle is good for visits to families or going for groceries.