what thoughts thad made you to choose you profile(presence) photo or avtar ?

May 19, 2009 8:06am CST
let's now discuss some about images . what things , thoughts makes you to choose your profile photo or avatar ? what does it signify ? how it is related to your life , nature & any other reasons ? i have choosen my profile photo as for many reasons , it contains the word OM , you can see the full size on my profile under my uploaded images , OM : according to our indian culture om is the most powerfull world or i can say it has a power more than god , many of the big personalities also say that om is the creator of god , & i also belive in that , acc. to our culture & me , if you say or speak " om " in you heart as long as you can without a single stop , it gives you some power to change a little in your life , you can speak minimum once a day, this image is sent to me by totalbhakti.com , i am one of the member of that . becoz they give me right to use this , i had choosen this as my profile photo. thanks for reading
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