Realise it before its too late....

May 19, 2009 10:19am CST
Hi Friends, We all have some or the other work to do in our lives. Some do business, some service, some job and some study and other works. Many times we become so much involved in these that we fail to realize that their are people who needs ur care and love. We become very busy in our lives. And slowly what happens that they(who needed our care and love like parents,wife,children,friends,etc) adopts it in their lives and searches someone else to share their feelings and get that care. And this leads to breaking of relations and when we realize it, its too late. Soon we also search someone else for that love and often that one loves you just for getting their works done and here we are cheated. And at last we just loose all hope and go to a psychiatrist. And this is very common in big cities and developed countries like America. So i would just say friends, don't just get lost in your works because if u have family with you loving and caring with full heart then u can start another work or business but u can't get a truly loving family by business.
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@felelis (96)
• Thailand
19 May 09
My father is one of people who get lost in work too. He just keep working and working, not really know much about me. I guess he knows just 2 things more about me in past half year or something like that. It's not that he doesn't love me, but it's more like that he think he should work a lot to buy me what I and my mom want. All fathers and mothers that see this topic, please, please give your child more time, not just your money. They might not complain anything about you not being at home because you are working hard, but really, they really wants to be with their parents. Wants to play with you, wants to hug you and cling to you all day, but they know that they can't because you have to work. That was really really sad to not spend your time with someone closest to you, someone that love you most.
• India
19 May 09
It was really sad to hear your real life story. I know you must be feeling that your dad is not an 'ideal father' and give more preference to money than family. Usually the people think that more money will keep their family more happy and satisfied.but fathers don't realize that at what price they are earning money. They fail to see the loss of real happiness of life. Your experience has freshened my memory with a story which would like to share with it goes: One day when a father returned from office, he found his eight years old son waiting for him. He came and asked his father," Dad how much do you earn in an hour?" On this father gets irritated as he was tired. But after sometime he replies,"Well if you want to know , 50$". After sometime he again goes to his father and asks," Dad can you please lend me 25$?" Hearing this his dad gets very angry, scolds him and tells him to go to sleep. But soon he realizes that his son had never asked anything before. So he goes to his son with the money and gives it to him. His son takes out another 25$ from the pillow and counts it together. On seeing this he gets angry but before he could again scold him, the reply of his son made him feel guilty. His son said," Dad here is 50$,tomorrow can you please come home an hour early, i want to have dinner with you." And this one line made him in tears and made him realize where he was wrong in his life. I think you should also try once to make your dad realize his mistake(but in your own way). WISH YOU LUCK
• Thailand
24 May 09
Thanks for the story. That is really touching for me. And even I still don't know how to make my dad realize, I will try hard to think about it, since that will make my family become better. Well, I know that my father is a good person. His co-worker respect him because he is great and kind, he is very clever too. I respect that part of him too. As a hard worker, he is really good and smart. As a father, just not good enough. But I think that I should share this to him and make him know somehow, hope that he will get better!