May 19, 2009 11:03am CST
Suddenly, for the last few days, i have developed a fear . A bad dream . Water is becoming scarce for humans. Water fit for drinking has to be purchased by giving a good amount. Poor people settle to drink filthy water. Government has stopped providing water through pipes. For bathing and washing also we have to purchase water. A feeling like i have to do something to stop all these. i dont know how this strange dreams started. i know that what all i am feeling is already happening in different parts of the world as i type.
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@macel19 (202)
• Philippines
19 May 09
Everyone of us has it's own fear. Fear keep us stuck in at least one part of our lives.There are a lot of fears to be mentioned, fear of being rejected, alone, losing our jobs and a lot more. Fear as they said stand for " False Expectations Appearing Real". Indeed fear of failing can be applied to every meaningful milestone of our lives. But failure is one way of learning. One should learn to turn failure into positive outcomes and applying what you've learned in in our next endevour. Personally I have my own fear and that is "fear of unknown" which most people also experiencing. But i keep to the point that my fear will not paralyzed me to reached my goals and to take risk. I will not let failure stop me! How about you?
• India
20 May 09
Same here..My Fear is not going to stop me from doing anything
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