Too old to have a baby?

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May 19, 2009 5:10pm CST
How old is too old to have a baby? This woman is 66 and has had a baby using IVF. Isn't this too old to be changing nappies? Is she being selfish or thinking of the child? What age should we stop having kids?
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@la_chique (1499)
19 May 09
Its terribly selfish! I think that people should stop having kids past 40. Doctors say that 35 is the age at which women's bodies start to become less suitable for childbearing.
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@Sandra1952 (6052)
• Spain
19 May 09
A woman of 66 is old enough to be a grandmother and certainly should not be contemplating motherhood. Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done. While I'm all for using science to help women of normal childbearing age to become mothers if possible, surely this is going against nature? And what of the child? Shouldn't a child expect to have a mother throughout childhood, barring disease or accident? It's quite likely this lady will not live to see her child grow to adulthood, or be there to support that child through marriage and parenthood. This is selfish in the extreme. This lady may claim she has the right to become a mother, but doesn't her child have the right to a normal life?
• United States
19 May 09
I really think that it is up to the person them self. It is a personal decision. From what I have read she is very healthy, Very stable. If a 16 year old can have a child why cant a 66 year old. I do not see 16 year olds on the front page of the paper for being pregnant. This women seems to have a level head on her shoulders so I would not condemn her for her choice.