do you believe in fairytles?in "they live happily ever after" thing?

@cainam (493)
May 19, 2009 10:27pm CST
i don't but i want to believe. i want to become like cinderella who found her prince charming or belle who loved beast who then turned into a handsome prince. but in reality, life is really tough. you'll never know what will happen or what will you get.who will you love or if someone would even dare to love you. maybe i'm just depressed right now and can't hope for any happy endings for me.
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• Philippines
20 May 09
Yes, I do believe in fairy tales. In real life, life is tough but you never know that love exists in many ways. Sometimes, you never know that your fairy tales will be a sweet one or maybe a happy one. Just don't give up. Look at me, i never have boyfriend since birth but I am still happy and not look for it... Don't looke for it, they will come to you unexpectedly. Remember, there is a saying that 'Love will come to you if you least expect it.' . just be happy. A happy ending will come if you do the things right - sacrifice, committment, do good deeds, and responsibility. It is easy to say but it is hard to do it... Hope it helps. If you still not happy, kindly message me so we can talk about it. =) Hope I can brighten your day.