Are we in internet age?

May 20, 2009 12:20am CST
Since recession, many people opted to go online for earning a living. Some are earining as $10,000 a month through internet. They said that they get accustom to internet lifestyle and was able to earn a lot. They do mostly is blogging. Do you believe it? For me, I can't think of ways how to earn their living just by blogging. I don't see their third party applications such as google adsense. and where do they get earning? or do you think it is just a blabbering?
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@gcabando (314)
• Philippines
20 May 09
Yes I believe in that because much of our daily life deals about the computer. We are surrounded with the technologies that runs on computer or dependent on the computer. Look around and you'll see.
@icesmile (7172)
• Romania
20 May 09
hi, of course that here, in this site or just blogging can t earn so much money to living. Is not possible, but i know people who really live with money who they make to internet. THEY HAVE GOOD SITES, with a big traffic, with a lot of intersting stuff there. But is a huge effort, huge knoledge in computing, and this take all time. of course that if somebody have a great idea, original too, can make a fortune. Just think...all big site are made it by one person or a team, and every day they earn a lot of money...
@alvingb (265)
• Singapore
20 May 09
hi, i seriously have the same thoughts as you have. well making so much of money from home is sometimes really hard to believe and its looks like some kind of fantasy. well but again if this was so easy then there would be too many succesful or millionaires around. well there are ways to make money online and i am not saying not there isnt. well but to make huge sum of money like what you have mentioned above all sounds really tricky to me. Most of the times making bug money online comes with you investing some of your very own money into it, one very good example is forex. the more money you invest the more you can make. well these are just my views. have a great day, best regards, alvingb