It feels like winter time to me.

United States
May 20, 2009 12:21am CST
I am freezing and it is not that cold. It is 55 degrees right now but compared to being in the 80's it feels so cold. I am freezing. Has anyone else been having this weather? It is really warm during the day but for the past few days it has been hot during the day and then cold at night. It may just be the time of year but it worries me that we will start having tornadoes or some bad weather because of it. How is the weather in your nick of the woods??
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• United States
20 May 09
We have been having some really cool nights as well. I love it! I love having the windows open for the cool air and cuddling up under the covers with my husband. That is how I sleep the best! Now, if I could just keep the daytime temperature in the 70's, I would be happy!! I hope the weather changes to your liking soon and you can avoid the tornadoes!
@lelin1123 (15643)
• Puerto Rico
20 May 09
Are you on the east coast I heard from my parents that its been rainy for days and cooler than usual. I'm in NM and the weather has been beautiful for the past few days. Sunny, 80's. I hope it warms up for you soon. Have a great day!
@pyewacket (44036)
• United States
20 May 09
We've been having wacky weather here too in the Big Apple area of NY---upstate NY they have even had frost warnings at night since it's gone down into the 30s---the past few days have been colder than normal...the 50s or 60s---tomorrow it's supposed to heat up to the mid-70s--I never remember it being so low in temperature for May--we're usually in the high 80s already