which is best..school life or college life?

May 20, 2009 3:46am CST
common guys..tel me which dayz u liked most.. both are most memorable dayz i knw..but if have to choose best one out of them.. wat wud it be.. mine are school dayzz.. i just love dem...
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• China
20 May 09
Which do you mean school life and which do you mean college life ? When I was in the primary school and in the middle school,all that I thought and I guessed were childish.But it's too memorable and unforgetable.In these days,everybody was hard studying from the early morning to the deep night.We didi have our own dreams.Several days ago,I happened to find an old photo when I graduated from the middle school,here it seems unable to attach this pictures,I find myself in joke wear,a shamefaced girl! Later,when I studyed in the college,some ones were busy with love relations,some one were busy for the career,only a few one were busy in studying.I was one of these a few ones,stuyed hard and passed all the tested,then found a job.In a word,I prefer the middle school life to college life.
• Bangladesh
20 May 09
I love to remember my school days life. I had past some of best year of my life at school. Friends, outing, gossiping oh that was simply out of the world. School life was better no question about that.
@Beertjie (978)
• South Africa
20 May 09
School, less responsibilities. College, more presure, after college, work, earn, spend, broke, etc. I would go back to school.