Love on the interenet-is it a good idea?

@pratik87 (1928)
May 20, 2009 4:52am CST
We live in the age when the computer connected to the internet it's something normal and easy to make it. With the time, the internet became the place where a lot of people find them love or them partner. If my mother met my father in a cofee place, my children could meet his/her husband/wife on internet. If they were talking with letters, my children can communicate with chat and mails. In my opinion the internet it's a good place for finding your soul-mate, just because it gives you the chance first to observe with what person do you talk, how the other it's inside. It teaches you to appreciate the beauty of the soul, it gives you the chance to become friend before making love(like it would happen to a real date, most of the time). Of course, depends very much on what kind of people you have the luck to meat, how honest and serious they are. What is your opinion about the relations started on internet? Do they have a future or not? I talk about the relation that they start on internet, but of course they continue in the real word, with real meetings and touches. Waiting for your answers!
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@msBetty (84)
• Philippines
20 May 09
I know some who finds their mate through internet. But personally, for me? I am more comfortable in knowing a person by interacting with them in person. No pretentions, and i feel that a person have a little chance of hiding his true nature if you see them everyday, or just being with them through any situation.
• India
20 May 09
My girlfriend and i met through chat..she's working abroad that time..after 4 months of being chatmate we decided to met. She came all the way from Kalyan but she's working there. From then on, that meeting leds to greater friendship and now we have met often ..isn't it so sweet?hehe...
• India
20 May 09
Hi friend, It is good to love internet.But you should be in balance state that means you have to keep relationships simultaneously with that of keeping love in internet.i think you can understand what i want to say to you.Internet is necessary,it is correct but we have to do it in such a way that it should not disturb the human relationships between one another.We should spend some time daily with our fellow beings and get good friendship.See friend having good wife or husband is prior important than having internet with us.Beside internet,spend some time with your family members and friends. Have a nice day
@asherem2 (257)
• Thailand
20 May 09
It takes two to Tango so they say. Of course relationships will work out - no matter where they met...whether its in the net, cygnet, fishnet or bonnet. lol! but, my exact point is - two of them must make it work out - there were many friends i have that find their husbands, wives, in the internet - you see, this is just one medium where people can start to talk and be open then later on build the relationship from it..