Do you think having a college diploma is really a big deal?

@Azaerus (821)
May 20, 2009 5:08am CST
I've been noticing lately that as the time passes by more and more people are getting hard times going to a college school or university..maybe it's because going to a college school or university is really for me I had to stop to stop from my BSHRM course because the fees are too high.. Anyways,I've also noticed that more students who graduated college are jobless now while those ones who didn't get to go or finish college are the ones with jobs now.. So does having a college diploma really a big deal today?or what?
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@Lxia2009 (12)
• United States
22 May 09
I have always told my children don't go to college to get a job. You go to college to broaden your life experiences. If you want a job go to a trade school. The people who come out of college with a good job have done a work study program. That way they get education and experience. It takes longer but it works. By the way I encouraged my children to go to a 4 year college because they need to experience other peoples opinion about the world and have facts to base their opinions on. If you grow up in an enclosed society you are going to suffer from predigest and basicilly tunnel vision. College affords you many differnet opinions from many different people from around the world. Plus it exposes you to studies like world politics and social situations of other countries. As an adult it takes away the shield of your parents and when you are finished you have armor you created all on your own.
@rymebristol (1788)
• Philippines
20 May 09
for me and for my parents especially for my parents. it is definitely a big deal. none of us. me and siblings haven't finish college yet, my sister had enjoyed her work in the call center while my brother is now working abroad, i on the other hand is the one their expecting to get a college diploma. so the pressure was put on my shoulder. i am still studying and currently on my third year taking up Electrical Engineering. hopefully by two years i will be able to show my parents my hard work and their had work as well. i am sure that my parents would be very proud of me.