May 20, 2009 6:12am CST
Which is the second best team in the English Premier League? The number one spot definitely goes to Chelsea. If you have other opinions please let me know. Well if it was not for poor refereeing Chelsea would have been steam rolling ManU in the champions league final.
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• Malaysia
2 Jun 09
I think Arsenal..I dont wanna vote Manu because I hate it
• Canada
3 Jun 09
Firstly I would like to say that Chelsea is not the best team in epl. All they have to show for for the past 2 years is the FA cup which they won this year. The only consistent team that has won all major trophies in the past decade is Manchester United. United have won the league again this year and made it to the finals of the UCL. So according to performance, United is the best team in the epl. As for Arsenal...come on....they have been fighting Aston Villa for two third of the season to claim 4th spot. They were totally outclassed in the semi finals of the Champions league so they are not even the 3rd best team in the league for this year. According to performance and taking consideration of the past 5 seasons. I would say 1. Manchester United. 2. Chelsea 3. Arsenal 4. Liverpool
• Bangladesh
6 Jun 09
yup i think Arsenal i hate MU
• Bangladesh
26 Aug 09
no man the number one spot definitely goes to MAN U ......my rankings are... 1.MAN U 2.liverpool 3.arsenal 4.Chelsea
@chillpill90 (1937)
20 May 09
HAHAHAHAHA No chelsea arent number one i mean come on did they beat man u this season? liverpool beat them home and at old trafford 4-1!!!! Liverpool have lost the least games this season in the league they lost 2 !!! so looking at the stats i think at the moment liverpool should be top then man utd then chelsea as liverpool lost the least then man u! I think if chlesea stop changing there manager they would have a better chance and if drogba stopped diving.