Till what point should we act according advice from others?

@Scarrlet (168)
May 20, 2009 7:18am CST
It is strange how sometimes we strive for the help from others and for their attention. The next moment comes - and we already do not want to listen to the advice from people because they "don't understand anything". Do you mostly act according to your feelings and thoughts, or try to grasp as more advice as possible and to fulfill them in life. I am little bit confused right now, feeling that i am in charge of my own deeds and mistakes i do, but also seeing that others can point at things i do not actually pay attention at.
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@Humbug25 (12551)
28 May 09
Hi there Scarrlet Welcome back my friend, good to see you again. I have not been on much lately and that is why I have not responded sooner. I am sorry to see that no one has responded to your first discussion back on mylot but glad to see it hasn't discouraged you and you have started some more discussions since this one. With regards to your actual discussion I always take on board people's advice but make my own decissions at the end of the day and if it is from following someone's advice then so be it. Sometimes I know in the back of my mind that they are right but still make a different choice because I am stubborn!! LOL
@Scarrlet (168)
• Ukraine
31 May 09
wow, thanks for the nice words. I'm glad you still have my personality in your memory :) yeah, i wasn't able to be on mylot for some time, lots of things going on. but that's cool you are here, i see the number of your postings has increased significantly, congrats)) I am not going down when having zero on responses, heh, that's fine. there's always lots of work here on my lot, lol thanks for taking time and writing. i think being stubborn is useful nowadays. the most important thing is that you realize you have such quality, and that you also take time for thinking about the advice you receive. the choice you make - is your own decision. good luck!