Give me advise...please.....

May 20, 2009 11:46am CST
I fell in love with this girl but I don't know what to do to tackle her. I'm afraid of being too pushy. She's a hot and intelligent girl. We went out a couple of times but there's no sparks between us. I tried various ways to make her like me but to no avail. What can be done? To all those successful girlfriend tacklers, help me out. Thanks.
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• India
20 May 09
The first line makes me laugh buddy. Situations are tackled, gfs aren't.LOL... Well I guess you wanna swipe her off her feet and fall in your love... You know, I've been taught this by my gf, plus I have many friends who are girls(my gf doesn't like this) and all of them are of the same opinion... JUST BE YOURSELF. I'll give you an explanation. Suppose you try to be like someone else, a Hollywood hero suppose. Then lemme tell you anyone can be like him. He just needs to emulate. And it won't work till you ARE him. So just be what YOU are. Cause no one can be like you as you are. I hope you understand. You say that this girl is hot and intelligent, you might feel a bit inferior. But don't feel so. A girl, however hot she is, sees the confidence in a guy. And if you fail this test, then its gonna be a hard time for you buddy. I sincerely wish you all the best. Go blaze a glory.
@mika4576 (70)
• United States
20 May 09
Im not a dude, but I figured I give you some insight. You cant make someone like you no matter what. I understand that you "love" her but if there is no spark then there is no spark. I truly think that you are in fact infatuated with her, probably mostly for her looks. If you really do care for this girl the best thing that you can do is be her friend. If this is too hard for you then let her be and move on, find someone else to be with. I wish you the best of love, crushes, love and infatuations are the hardest emotions to deal with.