i like dark

@fwangaa (3058)
May 20, 2009 4:57pm CST
in the dark you can see your self clearly. and you will not to do bad things for fear. you will do the things don't look at others's eyes. and others also don't look at you . so i like dark . do you like dark ? why?
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@mimpi1911 (25454)
• India
21 May 09
I like dark but for the reason that I get spend some time with myself. I get to let go, relax and spend time the way I like to. Its complete me-time. Apart from that I like peace on night.
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
21 May 09
It is interesting of your discussion, but I like darkness from a different angle. When it is dark, I sleep better instead of in the light. When I sleep, I always turn off the light and welcome darkness to accompany during my sleeping hours. lol
• Canada
20 May 09
The dark hides a lot of things. so in that way, people are very comfortable in the dark. Just remember not to tell someone they look good in the dark.