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Mitchell and SoCo - This is a picture of me at my sisters wedding, beer appropriate!
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May 20, 2009 10:09pm CST
Ok, Wednesdays are one of my regular nights out. The past couple of Wednesdays i was really disappointed with "my bar." they have specials for cheep tab beer, once the kegs were tapped the bartenders had a rough time tapping the new keg. The 2 blond bartenders couldn't figure out how to fix the problem. The tappers just kept putting out foam. They called the owner, and people offered to go back in the cooler to try and fix the problem, but they refused and had to shut down the beer specials, forcing me to drink more expensive beer. Has this ever happened to anyone? If so what did you do about it?
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@irishmist (3820)
• United States
21 May 09
I have bartended before, and sometimes tapping a new keg can be hard. There could be a few different reasons for this. Customers should never try to help unless they are ok with the boss or owner of the bar. Sometimes people just have to deal with the problem, and yes may have to drink something else. though they should try to offer another special in its place.