do you want to change your job?

@fwangaa (3058)
May 21, 2009 2:09am CST
i must study some knowlege to find a job. sure , i want to be a teacher. as a teacher ,you must have teacher qualification certificate . so i must study some course and receive certificate then i come to a teacher. do you want to change your job?
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@med889 (5958)
21 May 09
I have change already two jobs and now I am seeking a different one and it will be three jobs i will be leaving, I am still a student so I don't mind if i have to leave a job for another, i will wait till my degree is over to start working seriously.
• China
21 May 09
Hi,my dear friend, I have been working in the same hospital since I my graduation one year ago. I don't like my temporary job although it is my first job. So of course, I want to change my job. But I think finding another job is not easy because of the financial crisis. Now I insist on studing certain new knowledge during my spare time in order to prepare myself well for the future job merket.Frankly speaing,I am very ambitious. I believe that only by hard working can my dream come true. Good luck!
@WebMann (4732)
• Canada
21 May 09
Ha, I am 56 now and finally working from home as my own boss, there's no chance I would ever want to change that, not after working under someone else's thumb for 3/4 of my life. :) I get up when I like, which is mostly at 5am every day. I get to do my online business and I am done each day by noon giving me a full day's work by noon. That's pretty cool. Then I can go out and work in my backyard or go fishing, what ever I want. I worked as a computer instructor for 20 years but before that I worked at hard labor jobs because I have no education. It wasn't until I got hooked on computers that I learned enough to start teaching others. Now I have the opportunity to do that from home now and love it. Won't dream of changing it.
@rvorray (35)
21 May 09
now i am doing volunteer job few days back i got one part time job that is big good news and that will be very encourgeing thing
@johnrapp (27)
• United States
21 May 09
fwangaa, I tell you what... I did want to change my job about a week ago, but now once I've realized what my jobs are I really enjoy doing them. So, in short, would I like to change my job? Not a chance, I love it!