What is love to you...

@asherem2 (257)
May 21, 2009 10:17am CST
LOve is the simple gift that matters when other gifts become to showy, to pricey, too self-serving. love heals when other gifts injure. love listens when other gifts are gabby. love serves when other gifts are pushy. Love has two wonderful friends: faith and hope. when all three are welcome in the heart...wisdom is resident. what love is to you...share whether its a prose or poem... tell me - what love is to you!
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@rmuxagirl (7562)
• United States
22 May 09
I like the things that you said about love. But love is also patient when others aren't. Love is ind when others are rude. Love is respectful and listens when others care for only themselves. I like the partyou added that love has two friends: faith and hope.
@joanzz (175)
• Philippines
21 May 09
hello asherem2......... For me love has feelings, a tender feelings which are put in the human heart by a caring of God. But love is not composed of feelings only. It is feeling plus principle. Moreover, love is not controlled by feelings. It does not do anything and everything it feels. Rather, in true love, the feelings are under the control of principle.
• Philippines
21 May 09
I have this simple definition of love. Love for me means sacrifice.^_^ If you do not know or aren't willing to sacrifice you're not really into love.