A private site is going public for a short time....

@lumenmom (1996)
United States
May 21, 2009 6:20pm CST
It seems people are finding quite a few sites that in fact are paying just as they say. Most of them you have to do some work and that's ok, nothing like a bit of honest work for honest pay. I have joined a few sites from others recommendations that are doing ok. However recently I decided to follow someone who has been very successful for a couple of years in a forex type of site. I'll admit it, I wanted to have at least a couple of sites in my portfolio that I could just put money in and let someone else do the trading while I earn my part. The first one I joined I got in quick because the owner decided he was going to make it private with no others joining, which he did. In this site I earned a stable 1.26 in a month and 3 weekw for just putting in 15.00. Not a fortune but also not bad for not having to do anything. Well he has decided to open it up againto the public for a short period of time so I am sharing with you the opportunity to try this out. I cannot advertise the link until Monday but if you are interested PM me and I will send you the link on Monday.
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• United States
23 May 09
I have heard a lot about the Forex trading but I know not enough to invest into it. I know that it is like trading currency for other currency that has more value. I am not really into investing like that. When I was younger I tried to learn a little about the stock market but I found it hard to understand. I hope you get some people to join and happy mylotting to you as well.
@sssrrr (91)
• Turkey
22 May 09
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@lumenmom (1996)
• United States
31 May 09
I am not quite sure I understand what you are saying. I just want to add that I added the site I was talking about to my profile if you are interested.
@eshaan (6193)
• India
23 May 09
What type of site are you talking about? If its forex, so i am already doing it at one of the best sites. And i didnt get what you are talking about private and public...will you please explain it to me again?