Are you always well groomed?

United States
May 21, 2009 6:53pm CST
Some people really concern about their image in the public. No matter how little money they have in their pocket, they have to groom themselves up. They mustn't give bad impression to the general public, such as to his friends, and other people. I don't judge their actions, but those fancy clothings costs a lot of money, usually rip - off prices, would it be worth the effort? Are you one of them?
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@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
22 May 09
No, I don't do that unless I want too. Seeing as my cloths don't fit well anymore, I usually wear my old cloths. I have no good cloths to wear anymore. I have to lose weight first. People take me as I am. My cloths are clean and I shower at least once a day. What others think don't interest me anymore. Take care.
@sameroad (3180)
• United States
22 May 09
for me it depends... I think i stay pretty well groomed but not by buying high end clothing. I stay groomed by just dressing nice using the clothes i have and taking a a shower. looking clean and nice is well groomed to me. lol but i am only like that if i am going out.. other wise I just lay around in whatever. usually my jam shorts and a shirt. I walk around my neighborhood like this and might go to the store for a moment... but i don't think thats so bad. i don't think its important to always look good. its too much. lol no one looks good 24/7. we all get dirty and lazy looking.
• United States
21 May 09
When I'm in public I normally want to look half decent and "well-groomed" but your definition of well-groomed is off. Someone doesn't need designer names and clothes in order to look nice. It just depends on finding the right style on your type of budget. I know for me I shop at a store called Plato's Closet so normally I'm spending $4-6 on a shirt and then about $10-15 on a pair of jeans and I do have a 30% employee discount but still I'm getting those teen brand names for a lot less. And when I shop in regular stores I always do the clearance section, so I'm looking nice and I'm spending a good amount still to fill up my closet but it isn't to any extreme. And also, well-groom goes into showering, brushing your teeth, using deodorant, etc. And of course I'm going to do that. So maybe your question isn't about being well groomed or not in public, maybe instead you should of asked are you the type of person that needs to spend $50+ on a pair of jeans to feel you look nice.