Do you ever had a fat body ??

May 22, 2009 12:49am CST
I have a little problem, sometime I feel that my body is too fat. It's so embarassed when i'm in the middle of a crowded. Can you give me a solution about my problem.
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• China
22 May 09
It is admitted that every one wants to be slim these days. But if that is not with you for the time being, you should accept what you are, at least for now, and love and respect yourself. What makes one most beautiful and charming is self-confidence. If you are confident, you would be more happier and you should also look even much greater. But at the other hand, if you really want to change what you are now,maybe you could try to lose weight. Once I was not as slim as I am now when I was still at my high-middle school. Then I paid much attention to my diet and it worked.
• Philippines
22 May 09
I'm a little chubby but I guess I just got used to people telling me that I got a little chubby again hehe So hard to make my weight stable, at least I can diet easily.. I just drink plenty of water...coz it kills my appetite... also I really make myself busy to the point sleeping just 5 hours...then I get a little sick, catch a cold most of the time...then I can't even taste food so I have low there you have it my's a little bit sick ....but works for me... Have to sacrifice alt since I don't have the time to attend gym class and be hyperactive I guess I'm just adapting my diet to my lifestyle