without water i will die

@fwangaa (3058)
May 22, 2009 2:09am CST
i don't know how long i can retain my life without water. i always eat water . and feel very well when i drink a lot of water. you can don't eat food. but you can't don't drink water. why water is so important for everyone? how long can you don't drink water?
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• China
22 May 09
oh , my god , I always drink a lot water too ,Sametimes i have a illusion that i was a bucket .lol . water is good to us health .i like water.
@mybernz (34)
• Philippines
22 May 09
for me water is my life.. without water i really would like to die than to live.. every day i always drinks a lot of glasses but see to it that it is cleaned and sterilized. water is one that gives our personal hygiene to be cleaned, everything we make like,cooking, bathing, drinking, washing,etc we use water. Imagine the world without water? I dont think so if the worldcan compose billions of people to live. But why is it water have many taste.??how can they have different taste?
@med889 (5958)
22 May 09
Hello there! I also believe that I will feel awkward without water as I drink a lot of it, I have tried to only drink water the whole day and I find it cool enough but not to try to do it again, I think our body will resist if we have only water to live on.