I want to Stop My Smoking Habbit What I Do?

@newfun4x (154)
May 22, 2009 3:54am CST
I want to Stop My Smoking Habbit What I Do? I am a Chain Smoker please Suggest me what to do for getting out for this habbits
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@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
22 May 09
You can change that habit by drinking coffee. I think it would useful. My friend's father did it and he successfully stop his smoking habit. Good luck and have a nice day. Happy mylotting.
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• Bahrain
22 May 09
but that'll just create another addiction :/ He might won't be damaging his lungs anymore, but he'll be damaging his entire body with this one! Coffee isn't exactly healthy, it has too much caffeine and there are people that put sugar in it which makes it even worse, getting addicted to coffee would cause the heart a lot of problems and could lead to heartattacks or heart diseases, plus it damages the brain, consuming that much material that causes you to be hyper active all the time.
• Malaysia
22 May 09
well there i many ways to cease ur smoking habit. 1 of it is to chew bubble gum whenever u feel like u wanna smoke. u can change the bubble gum with other chewable food, apple namely. Also, u hv to spend less time with ur friends who r smoking, because u tend to smoke when u c people smoke. :P
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• Italy
4 Jun 09
Thank friend you will want to get rid of smoking.Stop smoking is not a hard work.Only one way you can stop your smoking You will still your decision to stop smoking.
@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
22 May 09
Same as me, just stop. I used to be a chain smoker too. I had stopped smoking at home first. I then only smoked when I went out. Because I don't go out very much the smoking would bother me more. Because you don't do it regularly anymore. Then it was my birthday and I stopped all together. My throat and cough got worse at first. But slowly it is paying off, I am feeling a lot better and saving a lot of money! All you really need, is the will to stop. Good luck.