EuroShaiya - Shaiya Private server with Good PVP

May 22, 2009 4:00am CST
I have played the Official server for about a year and I found people who don't buy items get wasted in PVP. In my opinion it is so rigged towards paying players. EuroShaiya is a private server that opened recently. Its very easy to level, easy to get Goddess gear, and also weapons. The PVP is much more balanced as everyone has access to NOSTRUMS (NO KO Nostrums), level 4 and dual lapis. Lots of Cash items on AeriaGames are free on EuroShaiya. I invite you all to join in the fun of a much more balanced PVP server, where everyone is evenly matched. For more info check out: My in game names are Ishida, Ichigo, Kensei, Rukia, and Inoue. Ishida is my main.
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• United States
1 Aug 09
Euroshaiya is the worst Private Server ever. You think Official is bad pvp... At least Official don't have lvl 6.7.8 lapis that you can buy with AP. The Owner of Euro, never does what he says... I have been waiting for lvl 65 for 6 days now... and I see people who donate already 65.. It's very sided to people who play. I was 1 shot by a Warrior with DeadlyStrike, He did over 11.5k damage on me and, I have over 300 Def. The server is horrible. Now Lights can go Fury with there Lightie toons So, it's even more 1 sided now. 85% of Light's hard hitters went fury, Now Light side is crippled. You cant even sit in Karis Hunters will kill the second you spawn... This is an everyday thing. Very Bad don't waste your time. Yes.. I know this was posted 3 months ago But, I just seen it and figured I would let people know some of the garbage that goes on in this server.
• Canada
3 Sep 09
I actually agree with you since Euro came out with those stupid Lvl 8 lapis. No chances in PVP anymore. I kinda gave up on it... Stupid linking hammers costs alot of money too. I play on the Chinese Server now. It might be overpowered in damage, but atleast EVERYONE can get it.
• Serbia And Montenegro
19 Jan 10
look AzniBoi im trying to make an account but it wont work :* can u help me plz at last make a lvl 1 account for me and send me to plz man :( i want try this maybe i leave shaiya