Do you love money?

@SuzanaD (126)
United States
May 22, 2009 5:10am CST
I don't think I am greedy but I do love money. I think you need money to live, to get by, so I don't think It is a bad thing. I do like to shop too.
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• India
22 May 09
Well buddy not everyone loves money. Talking about me, Its just a need that you are feeling it as love, but it is just a need for everyone and it is a must for every one to survive. It is because of the very same reason that we are here. Its is more of a need rather than love in most of the cases. Love can only happen when there is a feeling from both the sides. And its a well known fact that money doesn't love anyone. So its just a feeling that's it. Good Day.
@russso (1701)
• Philippines
22 May 09
I don't like money because it promotes greed --- whether one likes it or not. What I do know is that I need money, we all do. It is a necessity. We need it in practically all of our transactions and daily dealings. I wish there were some other way that people can live without money, but I guess this is not possible. We've all become accustomed to it and we depend so much on it. Perhaps, it does make the world go round.
@fwangaa (3058)
• China
22 May 09
i don't always go to shop . so i don't love money. i just have a little money. i know many rich men don't eat vegetables. and they eat very simple. and they sometimes don't eat meat. so i am luck i usually eat vegetables. and i am not a rich men.