Worst friends ever!!! very bad

May 22, 2009 8:53am CST
i hate making friend with a person who thinks that life is nonsense. my life is very exciting,because i m married and that my wife is all to me. shes my friend,love,and companion,soul mate etc... friend who thinks that life is nonsense has no life because they never experienced real friendshipness. i had an ex-friend, she used to use people for her need by charming others. and one day i told her about her true character and guess what she said "you are same as others, my pass time" i then just rejected her on spot. i mean its meaningless to build friendship with a person who thinks of you as nothing. anything similar in your life? i hate to make friendship faster and easily.i take my time before i accept to be friend with someone.
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• United States
22 May 09
i agree people without a positive outlook on life and people are a waste of air sorry about your unfortunate experience hope everything goes better