why do you want to join mylot...

May 22, 2009 12:40pm CST
many people join mylot with a lot of reason...sometimes they join mylot because they want to get some money,want to know about culture,can get a lot of friend,and many more...so..how about you..share with me your opinion.....
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@alvingb (265)
• Singapore
22 May 09
hi there, i have to be honest with you, that intitailly i joing mylot because of the money that i would be getting. Well i know its a small amount but at least its something, getting 10 dollars a month sounded really enticing to me. Well that means 120 a month if you manage to keep up to the post. Well that sounds pretty good. But after awhile i realised that you cant stay here for long if the main intention is to make money. I started liking posting like how i am doing, and enjoy sharing my views and opinions. thats what i like now about mylot. best regards, alvingb
• Malaysia
23 May 09
me to..and to be honest im not really good in english..so im join mylot because i hope i can improve my english..and get some extra money..
@CodeKitt (27)
• United States
22 May 09
I gotta admit, I wanted to join mylot because of the prospect of money. I know it doesn't make a lot, but it's better than not making any at all. Plus, I have a great amount of free time so it's a nice way to pass time, get to know about other people, earn a little money, and not feel guilty about sitting on my butt in front of the comp all day. XD
• Malaysia
22 May 09
thank you for your respon..em..so you can give me some money to me..because you always join mylot..hahahaha :)