if a colleague snubs you, does it mean she's insecure?

May 22, 2009 11:28pm CST
a lady friend of ours once mentioned that a colleague of her who always snubs her whenever they meet anywhere, whether it's in the office hallway or along the road. at first, this friend of ours thought that she might just really be snobbish. however, she notices that this colleague of hers greets everyone she meets, except for her... this is even though that friend of ours makes all the effort to try to greet her (only to be responded with a "snub"). does this mean that her colleague is just insecure with her? in our friend's opinion, that colleague of hers is actually quite pretty.
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@psyche49f (2511)
• Philippines
23 May 09
It's possible, it's it's just her personality--a snub. Of course, we don't want people who put up some airs with colleagues. We'd rather work with people who are collegial, warm and do not put up some airs. If I were in her shoes, that is, after exhausting all efforts to befriend this colleague, I'd simply give up and count her as a hopeless case. Then, I'll treat her as if she does not exist...