are you taking medicines even without doctor's prescription?

@queennee (189)
May 23, 2009 1:53am CST
i normally do these,i take medicines without doctor's prescription.specially if the medicine can be bought over the counter,why not.. LOL! sometimes i feel sick and tired of going to the doctor for a check up.i just follow the dossage written there and then i take it,BUT,only for minor illness..hehhe! like fever,cough,colds burns,cut etc.but for major illness i make sure to have doctor's prescription and advice,they know whats best and exact dossage.and also for my kids,i never let them take without doctor's advise and prescription,i cannot risk the lives of my you the same as i did?taking medicines without doctor's prescription? :) let the people here know and share it with us... :) good day!
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• India
23 May 09
I will not take the medicines without contacting the doctor when i was ill..Just for silly diseases i will take midicines of myself..Thses are also the medic=ines that are aso given by the doctor for mine previously..Even fever also i will go and meet te doctor and i wil take the medicines..happy mylotting dear friend..have a nice day..keep smiling..happy earning..
@krajibg (11939)
• Guwahati, India
23 May 09
Hi, I am one such like you or to be frank i go a step farther. If I had a body ache or such thing after a long drive, I go to the clinic or say pharmacy and take one painkiller injection. And other medicines are like munching something when you are in a theater.
@med889 (5958)
23 May 09
No not now but before yes, I used to take antibiotics without or even after the prescriptions of my doctor, I used to do so because I felt to have a good sleep after I take one or two before bed time.
@carrine (2749)
• Philippines
23 May 09
yes i do, very often LOL because knowing that you feel the same type of illness then why not buying the medicine you used to buy before you got the same illness. because we go to the doctor every time we feel bad, gosh thats expensive. LOL dont have budget for that nyahahahaha