If you are given too much money in change at a store, would you take it back?

May 23, 2009 4:08am CST
Or do you consider it your lucky day? personally I would give it right back. First reason is because that's the way I was brought up. Second reason is because the cashier will have to make up the difference, some lose their jobs over it. What would you do?
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@wendywhy (64)
• United States
23 May 09
I would return it right away. If I notice it when I get home, I'll drive back and return it. I have had too many jobs that required the cashier to make up any shortages! Recently I was at a fast food place and was undercharged but didn't realize it until I saw the cashier reach into her jeans to pay for the meal she forgot to charge me for. I was astounded and paid the difference. She started crying and thanking me, it never occurred to her to even mention that she had undercharged or that I would be willing to pay what was my due.
@larish (2195)
• Philippines
23 May 09
I will return it outright. I believe in karma, that whatever you do to others it will come back. If I do right/good things it will also comes back to me.
• Malaysia
23 May 09
I considered it my lucky day. If at that time I'm short of money. But if I have no financial problem I would return it somehow. Its a somewhat a kind things to do. The cashier would be grateful for that. But if the boss was the one who operate the cashier machine I feel less guilty though. :)